Plantation Shutters

What Plantation Shutters are and what they can do for your property

Plantation ShuttersPlantation shutters are commonly referred to as ‘wooden shutters’, ‘shutter blinds’, ‘window shutters’, or quite simply ‘Shutters’. They combine beauty with practicality and are the window (and door) covering of choice for the discerning homeowner.

Offering so much more than other traditional window dressing, such as curtains and blinds, shutters have many added benefits. These include:

  • Practicality, shutters are extremely practical. They are maintenance free, hard wearing and easy to clean,
  • Shutters reduce allergens, they gather little dust and don’t mildew or mould
  • Privacy, shutters offer both light and privacy. Out-dated net curtains are no match for our shutters in this department!
  • Beauty and style – just look at the pictures!
  • Security, shutters add an additional secure layer to the inside of your window or door. They also stop prying eyes.
  • Shutters are built to last – we are so confident ours come with a lifetime guarantee!
  • Value – shutters are viewed as a luxury product as they are so beautiful! However, they offer such incredible benefits and cost less than you may think. And as they last a lifetime and are maintenance free, they provide long lasting value.

Just Shutters offer the largest range of shutters in the UK, we are experts in the field as we specialise in shutters and nothing else, we are passionate about our products and our quality of service.

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