Plantation shutter quotation

How much do plantation shutters cost?

The cost of shutters may be less than you think. The beauty and style of shutters make them appear a luxury item, but when you consider that they require little to no maintenance, they are mould- and mildew-resistant, they don't buckle or warp like traditional blinds can, and they come with a lifetime guarantee, you will see just what value plantation shutters can offer. 

Shutter prices


1. Take rough width and height measurements of your window.


2. Either call us on 0845 894 0700 and we will give you a quote over the telephone, or simply use the calculator below.


The calculator will help you to estimate the cost of shutters for rectangular windows. The prices are not definitive but provide a reasonably accurate costing. Installation costs are included within a 50 mile radius.


The price shown is based on the dimensions you enter, it does include all of the colours and louvre sizes available for the range, it also includes Centre or Offset Tilt Rods, our hidden tilt rods are available at an additional £15 per square metre. 


How to use the online calculator

  1. Choose to enter measurements in millimetres, centimetres or inches.

  2. Enter the window's width and height.

  3. Select shutter material.

  4. Enter the number of windows that are this same size and shape.

  5. Press 'Calculate' to see the guideline price.

  6. Press 'Add to my list' to build up a list of shutters required and the total guideline cost.

  7. Repeat process for next window.

  8. Call us on 0845 894 0700 for further information or proceed with your quotation.

Online Calculator:

Online Calculator:

1 Measurments in
2 Window width
3 Window height
4 Material
5 Number of windows
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