Flood warning for residents in Western Wards

Residents across the Western Wards are being warned to be prepared for severe weather today and throughout this weekend.

The Meteorological Office said strong winds and high tides today (January 3) around high water, which is likely to be between 11.15am and 12.30pm, could result in property and road flooding in some coastal areas.

A combination of high tides, strong winds and large waves brings a medium coastal flood risk for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.  There is still also a low coastal flood risk in these parts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

An amber weather warning has been issued by the Environment Agency for flooding in Wallington in Fareham and coastal areas with a spring tide also expected tomorrow.  These warnings are in place for Friday and into Saturday with heavy rain continuing on Sunday.

Flood warnings can be found on the Environment Agency website

Up to date local traffic bulletins can be heard on BBC Radio Solent, Wave 105 and Heart.


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