Walking stick self-defence lessons give a cane do attitude

If you saw an elderly person with a walking stick, you would not expect to see them use it in a baton-twirling motion to defend themselves.

Martial art expert Chris Bird gets the cane

But for martial art experts at Cane-Fu, teaching pensioners to use the aid as a weapon of self-defence helps to ensure safety on the street.

Cane-Fu is an American cane self-defense system designed specifically for senior citizens and non-martial artists who want to feel more secure in their daily lives.

And cane master Chris Bird showed the tricks of the self-defence trade to eager learners at the Parish Rooms in Titchfield.

“Many people regard a walking stick as the end of days, quite often resulting in a complete lack of confidence,” he said. “By teaching people what a cane actually is and can do, their whole mindset can be altered to produce a new outlook.”

The cane has a long history of self-defense applications, and in recent years has risen in public awareness. Its versatility allows it to be swung, twirled, and flipped; it can be used for hooking, locking, throwing, and tearing techniques.

He said the techniques involve simple exercises and strengthening routines that can be performed standing, sitting or lying down to create a range of joint mobility.

“Whatever your background, knowledge can make the difference in whether or not you survive a street attack,” said Chris.

“Nowadays, everyone seems to be a legitimate target for attackers, the seniors amongst us, as well as people with disabilities.

Learning how to use a cane to fight off street attacks safely

“The cane teaches three simple and straightforward concepts: health, strength, and confidence. With these in mind, a simple walking stick can be turned into an empowering tool to bring back self confidence to anyone of any age and any ability.”

And it’s not just elderly citizens who can learn the skills to keep safe on the streets. Chris has taught people across the country ranging from 12-years-old to 82-years old.

“Anyone can benefit from training with the cane, regardless of background or martial arts style,” added Chris. “Practice carrying a cane regularly and you will become more comfortable and more willing to carry one wherever you travel.

“It is the only self-defense tool that can be carried everywhere legally—including airplanes and courthouses. This fact alone makes it essential knowledge that everyone should learn.”

For advice and tips on how to carry out Cane-Fu skills safely contact Chris at .


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