20 new jobs with pizza delivery store opening in Locks Heath

A new Pizza Hut delivery shop is being fitted out in Locks Heath ready to open at the end of this month – and will create 20 jobs.

New Pizza Hut delivery being installed

New Pizza Hut delivery being installed

Contractors have been working on the store, which was formerly a kebab shop, at the Locks Heath Shopping Village.

The delivery store, located between Coral betting shop and Iceland foodstore, will open on October 31.

Only half of the store is being used for the delivery business, while the rest at the back of the store will be used for storage.

A Pizza Hut spokesperson said: “We’re pleased to announce the opening of this new Pizza Hut delivery outlet on 31 October in response to popular consumer demand.

“The store will create around 20 positions and applicants can visit the website for more information.”

People can apply for jobs on the Pizza Hut website for roles as a Team Member, Shift Manager, Car Owner Driver and Bike Rider.


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One Response to 20 new jobs with pizza delivery store opening in Locks Heath

  1. CG

    October 21, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Surely as a local shopping village, the management should be supporting other local pizza delivery companies and not allowing the opening of out an outlet by a national chain. It’s a shame as the local area already has some good independent pizza delivery companies as well as a Dominos