Injuries and a pacemaker won’t stop me from running

Running a 10-mile race for charity this Sunday (October 27) is close to the heart of Brian Wilkes.

Brian Wilkes training for the Great South Run

Brian Wilkes training for the Great South Run

The 65-year-old from Warsash has a heart pacemaker, suffers from hypothyroidism and has recently damaged his Achilles tendon. But that won’t stop him taking part in the Great South Run to raise cash for Wessex Heartbeat and The Rainbow Centre with colleagues at Eaton Aerospace.

He and 34 competitive colleagues at the Titchfield Common-based company will be battling it out against the clock and each other while raising cash for the causes. Brian will be the oldest of the bunch.

Wessex Heartbeat is particularly meaningful to Brian as the charity supports people with heart conditions and need operations.

He said: “Wessex Heartbeat provide equipment and support to those with heart problems and having had treatment myself I feel I owe something and want to give something back to help them like they helped me.

“We’ll be running in teams. We’re always competitive and I’ve also said to people who’ve sponsored me if I reduce my time will they double their stake. That’s my motivation, to go faster to raise more money.

Teams from Eaton Aerospace will race in the Great South Run

Teams from Eaton Aerospace will race in the Great South Run

“I’ve run the race for the past two years. My best time is 1 hour 41 minutes and 53 seconds and if I can get to 1 hour 40 then I’d be very happy.”

Brian, of Campion Close, has organised the work fundraiser along with others throughout the year, to divide between multiple charities. For the Great South Run in Portsmouth they hope to raise £2,000.

He admitted he is not a fan of running but will do his best for the causes and added: “My running discipline is not too good. I’ve injured myself on my Achilles, so I’ll be limping round the track. But I’m not going to let that put me off.”


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