New committee members wanted for Warsash Residents Association

A call has been made urging people living in Warsash to join the residents’ association committee.

Jill Hamilton-Rump, the current chair of the Warsash Residents’ Association, has asked for people to get in touch to take a role in the committee.

After three years leading the association, she will be stepping down from her role to make way for a new person.

Three other members of the nine in total will also be stepping down from their posts at their next AGM meeting on November 20.

She said: “I’ve enjoyed it enormously. The enthusiasm for the association has grown over the last three years that I’ve been doing it.

“The membership numbers and the meeting attendance are at the highest they’ve ever been. I’ve introduced speakers to come to the meetings to keep it interesting and to make the villagers aware of what else is going on in the village.

“But I think in order to keep the organisation fresh it is important there is a turnover at the top.

“It’s not an onerous job if there are a lot of people on the committee each performing their own role.”

Each committee member will look after a particular subject of interest. For example, one will keep an eye on planning issues, while another will look at policing issues.

There are no age restrictions, but people must be Warsash residents.

Membership costs £4 per person per year.

Anyone interested in a role on the committee or any more information should contact Jill on .


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