New sushi restaurant for Whiteley

YO! Sushi has signed a new lease for a 1,800 sq ft standalone pod at the Whiteley Shopping Centre.yo sushi

The newest addition joins other top brand restaurants, cafes, shops and local retailers, with more than two million visitors at the site since it opened in May.

In the New Year, work will start on Whiteley’s second phase which comprises 30,000 sq ft of additional restaurants, leisure and community uses, as well as a 30,000 sq ft nine-screen Cineworld cinema multiplex.

Kieran Sherlock, Head of Property at YO! Sushi said: “YO! Sushi is confident Whiteley will provide a solid platform to help the brand continue to flourish. As the centre continues to go from strength to strength, we are excited to be a part of its success and look forward to welcoming the local community into our new restaurant.”

Yo! Sushi will open in March and replace the Tree House.


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