Want to be in a music video?

A music manager who lives in Sarisbury Green has called for volunteers to take part in a music video on Saturday (November 2).

Ben Evans, of Silent Rooms Records has called for people to take part in the video being shot in Southampton.

Ben Evans

Ben Evans

At the independent record label, the 24-year-old manages musician Marley Blandford, who has been tipped to be the next Ed Sheeran, and they will be running a black and white-themed video.

“We’re going for quite an old theme with it being black and white and Charlie Chaplin-like, with moustaches and suits,” said Ben.

“We need people dressed up in old clothing. Anyone getting involved will be in the background of the video.”

For the past two years, Ben has been going from strength-to-strength in the music management business. Although currently working as a recruitment consultant, he aims to do increase his and his artist’s profile to become a full-time music manager at the lable based in Hamble.

Former Brookfield School pupil Ben has been working with Marley on his album, which is yet to be named.

“I love being a band manager and part of an exciting new record label in my home town,” said Ben.

“I have met some amazingly talented people and have got to get up close and personal and work with the people I also idolise.

“The dream is to have this as a full time job so I can focus completely on the acts I have, and to put all my energy into building people a career in something that dreams are made of.

“My hope for Marley my current act is that his album does well and we can go out on a UK tour and do what we all love, going to gigs and shows.

“We recently did interviews with Heart FM and Galaxy and they were tipping Marley to be the next Ed Sheeran. Marley’s music is a mixture of acoustic, folk with a reggae twist. It’s very good live.”

The single Feel the Rain will include the members of the BBC Big Band, with music composed by the legendary Martyn Ford, who has worked with top acts like Michael Bublé, Elton John and The Spice Girls. Marley already has a single called Counting Stars out on iTunes.

About 10 volunteers are needed for the video shoot, but Ben said if more than that came forward, there would be space for them in the shoot.

They will meet at 11.30am at the Pig In The Wall Pub, opposite The Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton. Participants need to be dressed  in black trousers, a white shirt and bring along a black umbrella. Participants must be aged 16 and over.

To be involved in the video contact Ben at .


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