Police warning over dangerous tablets

Police have issued a warning about a batch of dangerous pills in circulation in Southampton.

There have been reports of people taking the pink-coloured pills and becoming violently ill. Tests to determine what is in the pills are being conducted and therefore it is unknown at this stage whether the substances are legal or not.

Detective Superintendent Kath Barnes said: “We are aware of two people in Southampton who have become ill since taking at least one of these pills in the last few days.

“The basic message remains that if you introduce unknown and untested chemicals into your body, you’re taking a risk with your health and potentially your life. You have no idea what effect they may have and the consequences could be lethal.

“Even if something is legal, it doesn’t make it fit for human consumption.”

Hampshire Police has been leading the high-profile Operation Fortress in Southampton to develop long-term solutions to reducing the demand for drugs and ultimately help reduce the harm of drug-related violence in the community.

Det Supt Barnes added: “As part of the campaign, we are working together with schools, colleges and drug treatment and support services to educate young people about the risks of taking legal and illegal drugs.

“We want people to be fully informed about the risks they take and for everyone who lives and works in our community to act responsibly to help keep those around them safe.”

You can find out more about Operation Fortress at its website.


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